Crossroads Church Grand Opening, “Praise Him”

Sports Boosters of MD, “Art Modell tribute”

TLC – “Sister Wives, Season 5B Launch”

Rick Scott for Governor – “Flippin’ Amazing”

Crossroads Church – “Together We Will”

TLC – “BrideDay”

Astorino for Governor – “Dirt”

Arkansas Horizon – “Favorite”

New York Conservative Party – “Actions Speak Louder”

Shepherd University – “The Journey” (2013 Hall of Fame Inductee Mike Doran)

TLC – “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding – Season 3 Launch”

Trinity Missions – “Guatemala 2003”

Change the Equation

StopFlash – “Get Control of Menopause”

Towson University Lacrosse – “Click, Click Boom”

Citizens for Patient’s Rights – “Squeeze”

TLC – What Not to Wear, “Megumi”